Christmas Reflections: He Came

For the next four weeks, the church around the world celebrates “advent” which is defined as the arrival of a notable person, thing or event.  It’s taken from the latin word “adventus” which means “coming.” Safe to say, that the “coming” of Jesus to earth was the arrival of a notable person! Certainly worth our attention.

To examine how Jesus came (a baby boy born of a virgin), when Jesus came (December 25th?), and the where Jesus came (Bethlehem) are all fascinating studies, but for the next four weeks our Wellspring devotional will address the question “WHY?” WHY did Jesus come to earth?

  • In His 30 plus years of life on this planet, Jesus did amazing things!

  • He gave life to people who had died

  • He brought sight to those who were blind

  • He restored those who were sick to good health

  • He granted forgiveness to the guilty He fed thousands with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread

  • He calmed a raging sea with words Walked on water

  • Cast out demons  and so much more.

But that’s just some of what He did!

As incredible as these actions were and as impressed as some might have been… these were only a means to a much greater end.

WHY did He do these things? That’s the penetrating question. One of the answers is John 10:10. From the lips of Jesus Himself, “I am come that they may have life in abundance.”Jesus isn’t talking about financial wealth, freedom from health issues, perfection in human relationships… He is talking about HIMSELF! He came to give HIMSELF, because HE IS LIFE! Through HIM we have a relationship with the God of the universe… In HIM we have intimacy with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords… in Jesus Christ we have a reason to live and a purpose to life… In HIM there is abundance, superior quality, advantage and “over and above” to life.

In this week of advent…

  • Allow HIM to be the center of attention every day

  • Consult HIM in every decision you make

  • Acknowledge HIM in every activity you enjoy

  • Welcome HIM to all family events

  • Invite HIM into every conversation

  • Include HIM in every meeting you attend

  • Listen to HIM throughout your day

  • Contemplate Him in moments of despair

  • Rest in HIM

“For it is by HIM that we have life and we move and exist…” (Acts 17:28)

That’s WHY He came!

~Jim Carlson