2019 Ice Camp was a Blast!

On January 4-6, students in 7th and 8th grades went to the Ice Camp Winter Retreat at Miracle Camp in Lawton, Michigan for a dynamic time of building relationships, worshiping God and having a great time together with the goal of encountering Jesus Christ in a personal and effectual way. Thank you for your prayers!

We wanted to share a couple of testimonies from a couple of the leaders on the trip!

“I had a great conversation with one of our girls after the worship session on Saturday night. She asked me how we know 100% that we are saved. After talking with her, she said that this weekend was the first time (since she gave her life to Christ at an early age) that she has felt the working of the Holy Spirit in her heart. How amazing to confirm to her that she was truly sealed with the Holy Spirit. What a joy to be a part of that with her.” — SABRINA

“What an incredible weekend it was! We had some really good conversations one on one about what it looks like to have your identity in Christ and not in the world. We talked about questions like ‘What does a Godly friend look like? Am I that kind of friend?’ One of the girls prayed and asked the Lord to give her a special Godly friend that she could walk through life with. God enabled me to deepen my relationships with these girls so that we could have Godly lifelong connections with each other. I’m so thankful for Wellspring and the work that is happening in our body of believers!” — EMILY

Thanks for your prayers Wellspring! If your student went on this trip, we encourage you to have a conversation with him or her about some of the concepts that were taught, the worship or the way they connected with God, the leaders, or each other. Please continue to pray for the Youth Ministry at Wellspring Church!

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