"Instead of praying nervously, God gave me the courage to pray boldly."

On January 5th, our Tide (college and young adult) and UNITED (high school) groups headed into downtown Grand Rapids to share love with, listen to, provide physical needs and share the gospel with anyone who was in need. We asked Nate Van Cleave about his experience:


Outside the Comfort Zone

When the opportunity to serve the church comes up, I usually will try to jump on it. I love to serve and I love talking to people. So why is it that I always feel so nervous when the opportunity to serve is through evangelism? 

How God Showed Up

God provided courage to me, and he also showed up in the way he led me to the people I He wanted me to talk to that day. They were kind and easy to talk to, and were the first people I met on an evangelism outreach who had ever asked me to pray for them. I wanted to just hug them for asking me, but they needed prayer, so I prayed with them. Instead of praying nervously, God gave me the courage to pray boldly and with love and compassion for those men. 

An Answer to Prayer

God answered my prayer for courage. He also knew in my heart that I needed to have a positive experience on this trip because I had been getting discouraged from previous outreaches that were kind of discouraging. Whether it was just outright rejection, or feeling like I was annoying people, my form of evangelism just hadn’t been working like I had hoped. So after this outreach I have this excitement and newfound peace in knowing God is with me when I’m obedient to Him and I share His love and His word with others. 

True Joy in Serving Others Together

I want to encourage everyone to participate in these outreaches whenever you can! The people that go (that I notice) have such joy about serving it makes my heart happy to see so many give up a Saturday afternoon to go evangelize to those who need Jesus. And it’s such a blessing to able to have community with other Christians in your church that you might not have even known before! 

Please continue to pray for the world of people who need Jesus as their Savior and for the college and youth ministries at Wellspring Church.