Wellspring Church's Mission Statement is "Glorifying God by making disciples of Jesus Christ." This is trip is an opportunity to further equip our congregation to sowing the seed in a country that has very little exposure to the Gospel. This trip will be led by Andy Shinabery, a missionary serving with East West locally in Hudsonville and a member with his family at Wellspring Church. Short term mission trips are helpful for the people we go to share with, our national partners, and missionaries, and makes a big impact on our trip participants. We will also tour some beautiful Biblical sites, and experience the food and fellowship with believers from another culture.


Sunday, October 28: We will be doing an on the ground orientation to the ministry. We’ll meet our translators, learn from their experience, and spend time in prayer for the next day’s evangelism ministry. Even though our evangelism ministry isn’t set to begin until Monday, we are open and excited to share Christ with those we sense the Lord has prepared to hear His Good News. Please pray we don’t miss these opportunities.

Monday, October 29: Pray for us as we will be sowing the seed in another city. We believe God has prepared individuals to hear the truth, now we need to find them. Please pray that we would be sensitive to His leading. 

Tuesday, October 30: Our team will spend about ten hours sowing  the seed.  Pray that we would sow abundantly and the seed would fall on good soil.  Pray that those He’s prepared are open and not hindered from hearing. Pray also that Satan would be thwarted from any attempt to hold on to these people.  

Wednesday October 31: More sowing.  Pray for what Paul mentions in 2 Thessalonians 3  Pray for us, that the Word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored, and that we may be delivered from wicked and evil men. For not all have faith.  

Thursday, November 1:  More sowing.  Please pray for us that we would put on the whole armor of God, and that we would have the words to boldly proclaim the mystery of the Gospel for which we are ambassadors. Ephesians 6:19

Friday, November 2: We will be traveling to another metropolitan city and an airport.  We will meet some others who are serving the Lord, and spend the day with them.  

Saturday, November 3: We will say goodbye to newfound friends and depart for the U.S.A. – Thank God for all He’s done! Pray that those who have heard the truth will accept it if they haven’t already and that they’ll desire to grow, be baptized, and share Christ with others.   Please pray for the continuing discipleship efforts.  

Please pray for our spouses and children during the time we are away.  Pray that we will be able to communicate how much we love and missed them during our trip even if we feel jet-lagged and tired.  Thank you for helping us go and share the Gospel with people who may never have heard without your partnership.  


You can provide financial support to this team as well, simply click the button below to go to EastWest's giving portal.


Please contact Andy Shinabery with any questions or inquiries you may have about this missions trip.