“Each one should test their own actions. Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else...” GALATIANS 6:4

We remember and celebrate what God has done in and through Wellspring over the past five years, we also greatly anticipate what He will continue to do in our future. Over the next few months, we will be LOOKING FORWARD, focusing on growing deeper as a church: in prayer, in studying the Bible, in how we use our resources, and in worship.

We want to make sure that our entire church is on the same page, so we have created a vital communication guide for all of you entitled “Looking Forward: Remembering/Praying/Trusting.” This guide will be available on Sunday at our Celebration Service, and you can pick up a copy from the office if you aren’t there Sunday.

The Participant’s Guide (DOWNLOAD HERE)

1. To inform you and prepare you for the next ten Sundays, focusing on Vision and looking forward at what God has for our future.

2. To encourage you as the body of Wellspring to take an honest evaluation of your own hearts and see how you can join God in what He is doing through Wellspring.

Please use this booklet over the next ten weeks, starting with our Celebration Sunday and culminating with Declaration Sunday on November 17. On Declaration Sunday, each of us will have an opportunity to thoughtfully and prayerfully declare our next steps in moving forward, joining together as we seek God and move toward what He has prepared for us.

We encourage you to use this guide to follow along with the Vision Series, evaluating your own hearts, seeking where God may be leading you to get involved, to take a step of faith, and to deepen your personal relationship with Him. Take time with the sermon questions. Be intentional and honest with your self-evaluations. Take notes during sermons or during your own personal devotions. Memorize the key scripture of the week to help you maintain the focus on that week’s topic and content.


Over the next couple months, the Sunday worship services will center around the Four Core Values of Wellspring Church: Worshiping God Together, Doing Life Together, Serving Others Together and Sharing Jesus Together.

Each of these Core Values will have two weeks of emphasis:

  • September 8: Celebration Worship Service

  • September 15: Worshiping God Together: Biblical Foundations and Examples

  • September 22: Worshiping God Together: Personal Application and Self Evaluation

  • September 29: Doing Life Together: Biblical Foundations and Examples

  • October 6: Doing Life Together: Personal Application and Self Evaluation

  • October 13: Serving Others Together: Biblical Foundations and Examples

  • October 20: Serving Others Together: Personal Application and Self Evaluation

  • October 27: Sharing Jesus Together: Biblical Foundations and Examples

  • November 3: Sharing Jesus Together: Personal Application and Self Evaluation

Along with your own personal evaluation, As we journey through this season as a church, our Small Groups will be reading a book together called Plastic Donuts: Giving That Delights the Heart of the Father. Here we’ll read about what it looks like to please the heart of God by offering back to Him our time, treasure, and talent. If you are not in a small group, we invite you to join in this study, and we will make a copy of this book available to all who are participating.


Over the the next ten weeks our Sunday worship services will center around what a maturing disciple of Christ looks like.  We are going to look at these through the lens of our core values as well as how a mature disciple views giving, and discover the marks of a mature disciple of Christ. This final Sunday we are calling Declaration Sunday, and you will receive a Declaration Card, which is intended to encourage you to seek God in determining how He would have you respond.

Two questions to ask yourself as you complete your Declaration Card:

  1. How will I take the next step of faith in my own individual pursuit of Christ?

  2. How will I take the next step of faith in my dedication to the brothers and sisters of Wellspring to join together in the mission of glorifying God by making disciples of Jesus Christ?

This is not a giving pledge card, nor does this mean you are committing to volunteering. This is an entirely personal decision between you and God. You are welcome to remain anonymous by not putting your name on your card. You will be given an opportunity to submit your card as an act of worship to God. However, should you wish to get involved on a deeper level, please let us know by including your name and contact information. We’d love to provide you with the tools and ability to learn, to teach and to serve as we continue Looking Forward.

“I pray that your partnership with us in the faith may be effective in deepening your understanding of every good thing we share for the sake of Christ.” PHILEMON 1:6