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Growing God’s Kingdom: A God-sized Vision

It’s more than a building project, it’s the Vision that God has given to us about how we as Wellspring Church are going to glorify Him in our community and beyond. It’s not about a bigger building, it’s about bigger faith. It’s about creating a better space for others to continue to join with us as we seek to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Every ministry of our church has been blessed with increase, from our Sunday worship and youth programs, to our campus outreach and small groups.  If we are to continue our ministry of spreading the gospel, we need to create a campus that enables us to do so. Ultimately, at God’s direction, Growing God’s Kingdom is about going above and beyond our campus on Bauer Road and multiplying into other communities.

The Growing God’s Kingdom Vision is big – in fact, it is God-sized. So big that we won’t do it alone, but through God, who specializes in doing great things through his people when they depend on and follow Him. This Vision won’t happen overnight, it’s a Vision that will carry us well into the future. We believe that this initiative will enable us to grow to a size from which we can begin to effectively multiply into new communities, continue to spread the gospel and fulfill God’s vision for us.