A God-Sized Vision

Embarking on a God-Sized Journey

What an amazing journey God is taking us on as a church! As the Wellspring Board, the Vision Team, and the Building Team have sought to follow God’s lead, He has continued to shape the Growing God’s Kingdom Vision. Along the way He has shown up in so many unique and unforeseen ways, guiding us as we pray, and guiding us in another step forward.

Some of you may feel like this vision is too big, or wonder if we can do it? Well, we can’t. But God can, and He will do it through us, his people. Sometimes I look at where we are and ask, “How God? Why have you led us here? This seems impossible!” Then He will gently remind me of how He loves to lead his people to the shores of the Red Sea, where everything looks impossible. Then He shows up, parts the waters, and receives all the glory for what He alone has done!

Before God can do a miracle among us, we have to be in a place where we are looking solely to Him for answers. A place where we are beyond ourselves, and our own means and abilities. A place where what we are facing looks impossible, and would be, if He was not in the equation. Then we must be willing to step out of the boat, and have the faith that He is going to show up. When He does, we have a testimony to share with everyone that points directly to Him, as we celebrate his great glory.

We are moving towards a God-sized, and God-centered Vision. Growing God’s Kingdom isn’t about a building project, it’s about the hearts of people. It’s about aligning our hearts and our lives with what God is seeking to do through Wellspring Church. And since God is at the center of it, it is going to be amazing.

Join us!

As we continue to move toward this vision, we want you to join us. We want to share the stories of when and where God shows up, and invite you to grow with us on this journey. We will ask you to join us in praying for the vision, and as we begin to move as a church, united together and in Christ, to make this vision a reality. We will let you know what to expect in the coming days, and how you can join with us.

What Happened

If you attended the service last week, you may be wondering, who is Randy Johnson? Where did he come from, and why was he delivering the message? This was another amazing moment where God showed up. Our Board was united in their decision not to hire an expensive campaign consulting firm to help us raise the capital for the vision. These firms can charge tens of thousands of dollars, money that they felt would be unwise to spend. This, however, left us in a place where we were planning a DIY stewardship campaign, without any prior experience to draw from.

One day a friend from church said to me, “Hey, you guys should call this guy that I used to go to church with named Randy, he might be able to give you some pointers. He led several stewardship campaigns at our previous church.” So we called Randy, and we were hoping he might sit down and share some of his expertise with us, and help point us in the right direction. Instead, when we met, we found that he had started a ministry helping churches with stewardship campaigns. He offered to partner with us as a consultant for about as much money as he will spend keeping gas in his tank over the next several years traveling here from Holland! What an answer to our prayers!

What’s Next

As Randy mentioned in his message, we will need several teams to lead us through the stewardship campaign. We are currently in the process of building those teams.

This week the Building Team will be deciding on several of our trade partners for the upcoming renovation. Our blueprints for phase 1 are one step closer to being finished, and we are still praying that we will be able to have permits to begin construction early next year.

Pray with Us!

You can join us in prayer this week as we assemble our Campaign Teams. Pray that God will guide those who are selecting the people for these teams. Also pray that He will move in the hearts of those who are invited to serve, and that they would join together and lead this process.

We also ask that you would pray for the Building Team, as we select several of the trade partners for phase 1. Pray that God would lead us in our decision making.

- In Christ, Dan