Day 4: Settling in.

After the initial day, our daily routine is typically participating in the One Egg program in the morning, hosting the VBS program in the afternoon, and addressing whatever labor projects we can do after that. Today, unfortunately, there was a miscommunication about us needing a ride to the school for One Egg, so we missed out on the chance to help out with that and see those friends again. With that little bit of free time, we headed to CAFFIN to prep for the day. The complex is just a few hundred yards from where we are staying. Some of the group headed out to order additional snacks, water and craft supplies since our first day of VBS took up more than we had anticipated. 

It's crazy how fast the time goes once we are here. Our team is doing well, folks are healthy and excited about the work; but the long days are definitely helping us sleep solid at night. 

VBS Day 2

Every team member took on jobs to prepare for the trip, high schoolers included. There was a lot of prep while we were still at home for learning music, motions and studying the lessons and planning how to teach it. And its been amazing! God has used each and every person on this trip. Today, it was Jena Hassenzahl's turn to teach the lesson. She did a great job relaying the story of Jesus calling Peter out to walk on water, she used the kids as props and acted out the story. The lesson talked about courage, it felt appropriate because going on this trip and being willing to teach - she needed courage from Jesus as well! 

We didn't have as many kids as we had yesterday but it was still an awesome turnout and the day was great. The games involved team work and water balloons; they had so much fun trying to keep the balloons from hitting the ground or in some cases themselves. At the end of the older kids turn a full out water balloon fight was orchestrated. 

As mentioned, our team from Wellspring put in so much effort to prepare for this trip but we would never accomplish any of this without all the amazing volunteers we have here. There are so many adults and students helping keep all these things moving and organized. We are so grateful that we can partner with them working with these beautiful children. We're really looking forward to another day of VBS tomorrow, and the Ladies Day event will be happening at the same time.

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Testimony #3 Danielle

Currently, Danielle and her two younger brothers live with her mom. Her father cannot live with them because he is in a gang and will put them in danger; at least that is the story her mother tells her. Her father is currently in prison for murder so it looks like her mother will be the sole provider for some time. Danielle also was nearly deterred from continuing her schooling due to the cost and the long distance commute to the other village. She was very excited when the educational center at CAFFIN opened because she saw an opportunity she could not miss. She dreams of being a medical doctor when she is older - now she can study close to home and feels maybe one day she could come back to work at CAFFIN.


Over the past few years, typical VBS attendance could average around 200 kids per day with slight growth throughout the week as word continued to spread. Obviously, we do not come and run a VBS program to brag how many kids attend, but to reach as many as possible with God’s very Good News and to grow His Kingdom!

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Day 1: Arrival

What a joy it was to be welcomed by our friends in Honduras at the Airport. The work missionaries (and their helpers and kids) have to do when a group of us show up is hard. They will spend the next week getting us to all the places we need to go, feeding us and ensuring that we have everything we need. We are so grateful for the work Andy and Carmen Castillo are doing here in Siquatepeque! Pray for them this week as they basically will be helping us with everything. 

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It takes some time to get all the stuff we brought along into the vans. 75 percent of these suitcases are filled with soccer balls (35), frisbees (400) t-shirts (600), crafts (800) and other supplies we bring along to host Vacation Bible School and donate to CAFFIN here. Going back home, you feel a little lighter. Just glad we didn't have to pack the tractor below.

We have a tractor and we have a lot of work to do here burying the two sewer lines that run from the main CAFFIN building and the home on site. Amazing to see the progress happening at CAFFIN and to see how God is working here. Thank you again for everyone that gave to this project. It is amazing to think that three years ago Andy drove our group to an empty field and told us about the vision God had given him for this facility. God is so good and so faithful.