Day 1: Arrival

What a joy it was to be welcomed by our friends in Honduras at the Airport. The work missionaries (and their helpers and kids) have to do when a group of us show up is hard. They will spend the next week getting us to all the places we need to go, feeding us and ensuring that we have everything we need. We are so grateful for the work Andy and Carmen Castillo are doing here in Siquatepeque! Pray for them this week as they basically will be helping us with everything. 

Travel (3 of 3).jpg

It takes some time to get all the stuff we brought along into the vans. 75 percent of these suitcases are filled with soccer balls (35), frisbees (400) t-shirts (600), crafts (800) and other supplies we bring along to host Vacation Bible School and donate to CAFFIN here. Going back home, you feel a little lighter. Just glad we didn't have to pack the tractor below.

We have a tractor and we have a lot of work to do here burying the two sewer lines that run from the main CAFFIN building and the home on site. Amazing to see the progress happening at CAFFIN and to see how God is working here. Thank you again for everyone that gave to this project. It is amazing to think that three years ago Andy drove our group to an empty field and told us about the vision God had given him for this facility. God is so good and so faithful.