Dear Sisters and Brothers of Wellspring Church,

Let me first start by saying a big “thank you” for being willing to go to God and seek His will regarding our future vision of expanding our current facilities. Just yesterday, I was reading a book by Dave Kraft entitled, “Mistakes Leaders Make”. He makes this comment in it, “…a culture where the opinions, views, ideas, dreams, and convictions of leaders as well as the opinions of followers can be shared will do much to help us focus on living for an audience of one! We should all desire a culture where everyone is focused on a common purpose, direction, and vision, rather than focused on strong-willed personalities.”

This is the type of culture I desire to have at Wellspring. I believe that God has used Growing God’s Kingdom to mold us into a congregation where everyone is focused on a “common purpose, direction, and vision.” The last thing the Elders, Deacons, or our Pastoral staff ever wants to create is a culture of domineering leadership where the people of God are not encouraged to participate in the decision making of the church.

With this said, the recent invitation for you to seek God, alongside the church leadership, regarding the Growing God’s Kingdom (GGK) Initiative has revealed to us that our congregation is not united in pursuing a long-term vision of constructing a new sanctuary and converting our current sanctuary into a gymnasium/youth space. After much prayer and discussion, our church leadership has decided that it must not be God’s will for us to proceed with those plans at this time. Thus, we will no longer be pursuing Phases 2 and 3 as they have been previously communicated to you.

We are convinced that necessity requires us to pursue Phase 1 of the vision, which is simply to refurbish our current facility to provide a more secure and larger space for our children’s ministry. To clarify, Phase 1 was focused on moving our church offices to the second floor and creating better children’s meeting areas on the first floor. In order to accomplish this, we need volunteer labor and funds to purchase the construction materials. For this reason, we will keep the GGK fund open. So please consider how you might help with this project with your skills, finances, and prayers.  

I still believe that the overall Growing God’s Kingdom (GGK) vision was from the Lord. However, as Scripture demonstrates, sometimes God directs His people to do things that He actually does not intend them to do (consider the story of the way God tested Abraham in Genesis 22 and the ensuing promise based on Abraham’s obedience) and sometimes He directs His people to do things that He desires in the far distant future. As we continue to seek God, He will make it clear which of those two is His intent. Please be clear in your understanding that we do not believe it is God’s will to seek phases two and three of the building campaign vision that we had laid out before you.

With that said, we do feel like the Lord is leading us to seek Him together as a church in regard to using our current space more intentionally and effectively in our goal of making disciples for Jesus Christ. Thus, we are going to be more intentional about communications concerning this direction, as well as offering opportunities to seek God’s insight into how this can best be accomplished.

I would like to express my gratitude to those of you who have put so much time and energy into helping us formulate the GGK plan and seeking God in it. Your time and energy was not for naught. God is sovereign and was doing many things in and through your effort. I trust He will reward your dedication. So again, thank you.

As I said above, I cannot express how grateful I am to be part of a church that is dedicated and passionate about being and becoming a church that represents Christ to others. God is surely leading and guiding us. Thank you for helping us discern God’s will. Please continue to do so.

If you have any questions or if there is anything you would like to discuss with me, an Elder or deacon please do not hesitate to contact the church. We would love to sit down and meet with you.

Doing this Together, in the power of the Spirit, for the Glory of our God,