Day 4 - VBS Finale & Super Small Group Time

Today we welcomed 296 kids to the last day of VBS. Since it was the last day of VBS, we passed out T-shirts and frisbees. We were really surprised to see how many of the mothers came back for the last day. It gave us a chance to minister to them as well, plus they walked away with a t-shirt. We are sad to say that it was our last day of VBS, but it was such a great experience and felt so blessed to be a part of this amazing outreach.

Our intros always included motions with Andy's help because none of us speak Spanish.

Our craft was a superhero mask for each child. They got to color them and had fun running around like superheros. The masks were big hit as the kids wore them to the next station. Like our other crafts, the masks were meant to remind them how each of them is a unique creation from God. 

For the last day of VBS, Melanie shared the story of the only true superhero — Jesus Christ. She dressed up as a Shepard to show the kids how Jesus is a Shepard and we are his sheep. Melanie had them each act as sheep. Once she corralled all her sheep she had to find the one lost little sheep. The kids laughed as she pulled the little stuffed animal from the cabinet. 

We used the frisbees we handed out as part of our game today. It was a relay. The kids split up into teams and had a fun and friendly competition with the other groups. They had to keep the frisbee on their head one time and between their legs the next and race down and back.

The kids loved the shirts. They all had smiles on their faces as the VBS volunteers helped put them on. 

The kids loved the shirts. They all had smiles on their faces as the VBS volunteers helped put them on. 

Family Group

At night we joined Andy & Carmen's family group for their weekly meetings. We recognized many of the kids and mothers from our VBS. John spoke on holding up the banner of God and Andy translated. They gave us some food afterward and we were able to chat with some of the family group members for a few minutes. It was a great time for everyone and a nice way to end our official week here.