Are you 18-20 something? Are you looking for a place to make friends and plug-in? We have the community for you right here at Wellspring!

The Tide ministry is geared toward individuals who have graduated high school, attending college, or are transitioning into careers and family. Please also join our Facebook Group to get updates on events, news and ministry opportunities!

Our vision for the Young Adults Ministry "to form a thriving and healthy community of Young People that will collectively receive Jesus, wrestle with His word, and grow in Him with lives that result in worship."

At Wellspring we desire that Young Adults come to find their purpose in life to be rooted and strengthened in Christ; and to find their home in the local church. We realize that in this stage of life we can be confronted with decisions and opportunities that will have a major impact on our futures. From jobs, to school to relationships we desire to come alongside and offer prayer and encouragement both individually and in small groups through this season of life with The Tide.

The tide is a powerful force and an intricate phenomenon created by God for His glory and to demonstrate His power. The tide comes in and goes out according to the draw of a heavenly body, the moon. The rising and receding tides have the power to change the shape of a coastline, as the Lord does with our hearts according to His purpose. God has undertaken a very similar process in the lives of college students and young people in this transitional phase of their life.

It is our goal to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a sincere way with true community that can help turn the tide against a life of darkness and hopelessness with the light of Jesus Christ with weekly refreshing for the heart and soul.

We hope you will join us on this fantastic ride as we come together with The Tide at Wellspring Church.