This summer's mission is "URBAN EXPERIENCE," a ministry opportunity put together by our friends over at The EDGE Urban Fellowship in Grand Rapids. You will have the chance to invest into new friendships as you spend time with, listen to, and learn from our brothers and sisters there, and how God uses them to draw people to Jesus.

Here's some more information on The EDGE, and what specifically the mission is all about:

The EDGE is a multi-ethnic church located in inner city Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are committed to reaching urban youth and young adults with the hope and healing that Christ provides. Our facility is located on the SW side of Grand Rapids. The Roosevelt community has many organizations and community members that play a part in the many great things happening in our community. 
But, just as any other community, it has its challenges. 80% of our community is below the poverty line, 50% do not graduate from high-school, 39% of the children in our local elementary schools do not read at the basic level. These challenges have become a great opportunity for us to Live, Listen and Learn in and from our community. When we relocated to the Roosevelt community we decided that we would simply be a good neighbor, that just so happens to be a Christian. We have implemented a few ministries that would give us the platform to be a good neighbor and partner with what God is already doing in our community. These include: urban arts programming, employment and job readiness opportunities for youth and young adults, business start up mentoring and investments, reading and math support, family leadership programming and high energy weekly fellowship and worship. 
With all that God is doing both in and through the EDGE and our community we believe that it is prime training ground for those from suburban and rural environments to experience what it means to Listen, Learn and Live in an urban community. The EDGE has adopted a 10 year old program designed by Sunshine Gospel. We have taken a program that has been used on the Southside of Chicago and contextualized it to fit the unique attributes of an urban community in Grand Rapids.

The program is designed to make suburban and rural participants aware of God's work in urban centers and is broken down into 4 basic components:

LIVE: Participants will be provided lodging at The EDGE (Students will have an opportunity to experience what it's like to live in the Roosevelt Park Community, an urban community full of diversity.)

LISTEN: Participants will participate in strategic opportunities to engage in meaningful conversation. (Community panel) 

LEARN: Participants will have times of relevant teaching and practical application that will enhance what has been heard, seen and experienced (Racial reconciliation exercises and discussions, training on how to share the gospel and deliver your testimony. 

RETURN: Participants will be encouraged to return home and explore how they might become more like Christ in their local and nearest urban community  


3 Day (Thursday after dinner - Sunday afternoon) = $225 per student

Opportunities to learn about the hip-hop culture,  understanding immigration,  racial reconciliation, evangelism training, and much more. 

What's Covered: 

  • Lodging
  • Food
  • Materials
  • Experiences
  • Investment

Click below to download the information packet, which includes a medical release form (for The EDGE), waiver/release of liability form, packing list and daily agenda.