Sunday Morning Worship | 9 AM & 11 AM

You and your family are welcome to join the celebration of life restored here at Wellspring Church. You are invited to partake in our Good Friday Service on Friday, April 14 at 7pm. On Sunday, we will celebrate the day of the resurrection of the Savior with grateful worship and gladness, and an incredible story of restoration and redemption from the life of David which echoes in how Christ's resurrection restores life in us! JOY truly comes in the MORNING!

Good Friday • 7 PM

You are invited to join us Friday evening at 7 pm for a Good Friday service. Good Friday focuses on the death of Jesus and the amazing price He paid for our salvation. We will commemorate Christ's death and burial, but anticipate His glorious resurrection. We will observe this incredible day with a time of reflective worship, by partaking of communion and by receiving an exhortation from God's Word.


Come to whichever service works best for you. Bring the family, and bring a friend who needs to be encouraged and to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Savior of our souls, and the Conqueror of sin and death! This message is for everyone.


If you are brand new and planning to visit Wellspring for the first time, you can find some helpful information including guest information and a building tour by clicking here.