The world is desperate for the Savior, and Wellspring Church is called to participate in fulfilling the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19) by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the corner and across the globe. This is exciting work, something we want every person who calls Wellspring their home church to participate in. To that end, we aim to provide opportunities for our congregation to strengthen their walk with Christ by actively participating in mission work locally and globally, through finances, prayer and service.



Those who spread the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ are in desperate need of prayer, for open doors, God's guidance and protection, boldness of witness and much more.


Wellspring is sending short term mission teams on the following trips this year.  


The Great Commission is as important locally as it is globally. And we believe that developing relationships in our neighborhoods and our communities opens the door for sharing the Gospel.

 "But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."
Acts 1:8


Wellspring has partnered with Hand 2 Hand to distribute food for needy children right here in our own community. For more information on how you can give or get involved, click the button!

Wellspring Church PRAYERFULLY AND financially supports the following missionaries/organizations:

🇭🇳 Andy & Carmen Castillo • SIQUATEPEQUE, Honduras


Andy and Carmen Castillo, native Hondurans, serve with World Reach in Siquatepeque, Honduras.  Andy is a pastor of an evangelical church and they both work together as church planters, small group leaders and creative visionaries for ministry in this mountainous region of Honduras. They have three sons (teen, pre-teen) who serve closely with them and other members of their church as they serve the people who live in the San Francisco area of this sprawling city. Their vision is to develop a community center to reach the educational, spiritual and medical needs of the people they are ministering too. 



  • Against the fast-growing criminal activity in the country
  • For political stability in Central America
  • That God would provide much needed discipleship training in the local churches of Honduras



Nothing is more exciting than being involved in a place where God is already working! As a home to over 3.5 million people and the destination of hundreds of thousands of refugees over the past few years, Berlin has both great need and opportunity for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  God has particularly given me a passion to reach the young people of this city, working as a student ministries director at Crossway International church.  My aim is to see young people begin and then grow in their relationship with Christ. As such, our ministry’s programming and activities are designed to help youth learn who God is through the pages of Scripture, encounter Him in community with other believers, and live out the Gospel in their everyday lives.  We believe that God is using and will continue to use young people to change the world.  Because of this, we are committed to training, encouraging, and equipping these future leaders in Berlin and praying that they will be the sparks that start a spiritual revival in this dark city!



Short term specific prayer:

  • Large opportunity for evangelism through our kids and teen camps that are coming up July 16-27.
  • Several ministry teams visiting this summer
  • Personal: speaking for a week at Word of Life Germany teen camp (August 6-11)

Longer term/general Prayer:

  • That revival will spark in this spiritually dark city (Most estimates say that less than 1% of this city are born again believers).
  • That my ministry and others throughout the city would be successfully raising up Berliners to do the work of the ministry and lead churches
  • That God would continue to send workers into the incredibly needy harvest field of Europe



We get to worship God through engaging Grand Valley State University with the good news of Jesus Christ! An ever-growing campus with 28,000+ students from across the state, nation, and world, Grand Valley has become a strategic location to bring the gospel to the world through sharing Christ with students right down the road.

Being captivated by our Lord’s love for years, we long to bring others into our joy in Him! He is glorious, beautiful, gentle, kind, mighty, loving, worthy, righteous, just, fair, and enough. God is all we ever need, bringing full satisfaction to all who are His. We seek to communicate this truth to the constant influx of college students entering the university system today. Making much of Christ and sending students and graduates off to do the same! 

Our greatest hope is to WIN as many students to Christ as possible, BUILD them up in their relationship with the Lord, and SEND them out into the world to make disciples of all tribes, nations, and languages! 

Our God surely is good, passionate about His glory and His people. And we are blessed to be called into His mission specifically at Grand Valley State University.  We're so grateful to have you with us on this adventure that began before time!



Short term specific prayer:

  • As a team, we have a new male director who’s moving back to America, with his family, from the Middle East. Pray for a smooth transition and that the Lord provides all they need as they move mid-summer. 
  • We were recently hit with a rather large and unexpected car repair. Though we are not in financial strife, it has caused us to pull a rather large chunk from our savings for a second car for the family.
  • Pray for our 14 students who are currently on multi-week summer missions. 
  • Pray for the 6 students we recently graduated who are interning with Cru and building teams of ministry partners over the summer.

Longer term/general Prayer:

  • Pray that our son, Caleb, will one day know the Lord and commit his life to Him
  • Pray that God will constantly humble us so that we will always be dependent on Him and not ourselves, as we are so often tempted to do.
  • Pray that our love for God ever deepens
  • Pray that we gladly follow God as He leads us, regardless of the cost.


A couple in our church serves in regions where Christians are severely persecuted and it is illegal to talk with others about the Gospel. Due to security reasons, some details of their work cannot be shared on our website. He serves as Vice-President of Equipping and leads a team focused on equipping local believers and church leaders in the most difficult to reach and spiritually darkest places on the planet. Their ministry includes training and empowering men and women in evangelism, leadership, discipleship, and church planting methods that will lead to church planting movements.

Longer term/general Prayer:

  • Safety in travels and ministry.

  • Wisdom in equipping national leaders

  • Seventeen more people to join our financial partnership team

🇰🇪 Travis & Patti Nielsen • KIJABE, Kenya


The Nielsen family is just wrapping up their 16th year at Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe, Kenya. RVA is an American school primarily for the children of missionaries who serve all over the continent of Africa in the capacity of church planters, educators, linguists, medical personnel, training of national leaders, and evangelism. Our roles at RVA are of a support nature, allowing other missionaries to be on the field while we educate their children in the capacity of teachers, caregivers, and mentors. We have filled the responsibilities of dorm parenting junior high girls, high school girls, and 5th/6th grade boys; teaching high school students in various subjects; main office, business office and Titchie (elementary) office assistant; sponsoring classes (evening/weekend activities with students); teaching Sunday school; coaching various sports; Caring Communities (adopting a group of students for a year); and providing what every missionary kid craves: a hot, home-cooked meal or freshly baked cookies. Our goal is to provide a safe haven for these children; to love, educate, and disciple them to their full potential in Christ. 



Short term specific prayer:

  • As we start the tedious process of applying for American citizenship for our two youngest children, Silas and Aryah, we ask you to pray that our mountain of paperwork would be found in order and that we would be granted a timely interview stateside. We are praying for an early December meeting, which would precipitate our much longed for home assignment. 

  • Next month we will be moving into a mostly furnished home so that we can begin liquidating the Nielsen household (kids not included but the dog is!!). Please pray that we will be able to sell our stuff quickly.

Longer term/general Prayer:

  • We ask you to please pray with us as we pursue a future ministry in North Africa, working amongst Muslims.

  • Please pray with us that God would provide a house and vehicle for us to use during our home assignment that would be affordable for missionaries.

  • We would be grateful for your prayers for the transition of our family in the next six months. It will have been five and a half years since we have had extended time with friends and family and eight years since Joshua and Tia have been in a public school. The changes will be significant.

  • We thank the Lord for the many years that Wellspring has faithfully served with us in Kenya. We are so very grateful for the blessing of dedicated believers who have prayed for us, encouraged us, and given generously on our behalf. Ephesians 1:15-23



In 2008, Dan & Rachel Smither founded Key of Hope at the epicenter of the global AIDS epidemic - Durban, South Africa. Crippling poverty and some of the highest crime rates anywhere on the planet, along with the worst education system in the world, have combined with AIDS to create a deadly backdrop for the collapse of an entire generation. Our mission is to reach children affected by poverty and AIDS with the hope found in Jesus Christ through long-term mentoring relationships. We achieve this through a variety of weekly programs, including: preschools, Saturday Kidz Klub, choir, school fees assistance, feeding programs, after school tutoring, job skill training, and leadership development, among others. In addition, each child is visited at their home every week by one of our caring staff, forging solid, healthy relationships that create the backbone of their social, physical, academic, and spiritual growth. Today, children rescued through these programs have traveled overseas on concert tours, served in internships with other ministries in the United States, and attended university on scholarships through Key of Hope. Others have joined our staff, answering the call to reach other children suffering through similar circumstances. Our story is just beginning, and we’re so grateful you’re a part of it!



Short term specific prayer:

  • Purchase of 8 acres of land we now lease - there have been many obstacles
  • Open doors for our 2019 choir tour
  • An additional van to transport children to our many programs
  • Provision to hire additional staff to handle the ever increasing numbers of children

Longer term/general Prayer:

  • Health, healing, and strength for our children who are HIV+
  • Safety for our staff, who work in extremely dangerous areas.
  • Favor within the communities and local government
  • Provision to carry out the work



Andy and Michelle Shinabery are missionaries to restricted access countries and unreached people groups with East West Ministries International.

In June of this year, Andy began a new role at East West as Regional Coordinator for Latin America and Caribbean.  Andy coordinates field ministries, finances and short-term teams with East West in countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Part of the Shinabery’s work at East West is to oversee the field ministries in the region.  Andy and Michelle help field personnel develop annual ministry plans.  The Shinaberys encourage and provide accountability for national partners.  Andy and Michelle speak Spanish so they maintain communication with field personnel for coordination of the work and reporting on progress.  They also evaluate ministry activity for balance and effectiveness. 

The Shinaberys are members at Wellspring, so you will see them helping in different areas as part of their personal ministry to our Jerusalem. 

This fall, The Shinaberys are leading a Wellspring sponsored short-term evangelism trip to Eurasia, and would love to talk to you about going along with them.  (Ask for details!)



Short term specific prayer:

  • Our summer is busy with partnership development for the new position. We need to be fully funded by September first.

Longer term/general Prayer:

  • Our long-term vision and prayer requests are to see the Lord mobilize people from Latin America to go and serve as missionaries in unreached people groups.



    I serve through the organization Youth With A Mission in Perth, Australia. YWAM focuses on knowing God personally and making God known throughout the nations. The beginning half of the year I am part of a team that leads a Discipleship Training School. In DTS I help young people during the three month lecture phase to encounter God, grow in holiness, gain perspective, experience belonging, and build a lasting foundation. During the three month outreach phase I aim to walk alongside students as we serve and share the love of God in the nations. During the second half of the year I am with a ministry within YWAM called Homes of Hope. The ministry focuses on mobilizing teams to partner with economically needy communities to build homes and show God’s love. The ministry seeks to bring hope to the poor and powerless through practical service.



    Short term specific prayer:

    • Transitioning season from DTS season to Homes of Hope

    Longer term/general Prayer:

    • Lasting impact of what YWAM does—both in the students and among the nations.



    We live in Oxford, UK, where the world comes to study. God can do amazing things when ordinary Christians in local churches offer friendship to people a long way from home. We have been welcoming international students in our home since 1985 and have worked at encouraging churches in the UK to do the same. More recently we
    have travelled to other parts of the world to encourage churches there to care for foreign students in their cities and to share Jesus with them. 

    Right now we are entering a new season with less travel, and more training and resourcing the next generation of international student workers. Catherine is writing a handbook for churches in the UK and Richard is working on content for a website serving churches and international student ministries in continental Europe. 

    We still love to welcome students in our home and recently visited a former lodger who is now home in Vietnam. We were like her British Mom and Dad while she studied in Oxford. Would you pray with us that she would come to know Jesus?




    • For tenacity and creativity in our writing projects, and that they would truly serve their equipping purpose. Completion, we trust will be in 2019.
    • Our Vietnamese friend ‘Mary’ to trust in Jesus.
    • That we would daily know God’s wisdom in projects to take on or what to leave aside.
    • That our relationships with our international student friends would be trustworthy and point to Jesus.
    • For E (Egypt) and A (Morocco) to put their trust in Jesus.